The Good,Bad, And The Ugly About Pregnancy

Pregnanacy, is one of the most life challenging experiences a woman encounters. The eagerness to grow up and become an adult is crazy to me now. Back then I thought I had my life all mapped out. No children before marriage, I swore to this. I’ve changed my career path about a dozen times before now. I honestly haven’t had a legit boyfriend until I became pregnant with my first son. Things before this point have been slow paced until the pregnancy test showed up POSITIVE! My whole entire blueprint washed away very quickly. Now, I’m gazing in the mirror, Just wondering, What’s Next?

There isn’t any way to seriously be prepared for the many phases in my life I’ve entered. Honestly, I don’t blame my mother at all. I don’t think she could have explained what I was in store for becoming a mother. She enlightened about her experiences. I wasn’t ready for all the things I encountered. I just wanted to share what I’ve learned along this journey of becoming a mother.

So, Your physical appearance is changing with every month during your pregnancy. I knew I was growing a life inside of me. I didn’t think my body would expand the way it did. My hips grew wider and my face started to glow. This was all so different but I loved the feeling. Embrace all these changes that you may be encountering. It’s all apart of the beautiful process.

OMG! My emotions were definitely unbalanced. I felt like a crazy lady half of the time. It was tough because I didn’t know how to control any of my feelings. I was a big crybaby 95% of the time. Everything that people said to me I took very personally. If you ate my plate of food I had in the refrigerator, it was going down. I chuckle about this now. Your emotional state is all over the place. Always remember, this too shall past.

The clingy stage of it all was ridiculous. I kind of hated always wanting to be around my children’s father all the time. I wanted to know everything that concerned him. I just couldn’t grasp the need to want that much interaction during that process. I understand now I just needed confirmation of his support at all times. You have children with someone and you desire that connection. I didn’t really understand it until I became pregnant.

My brain went into overdrive about simple things. What am I going to eat for breakfast? I was always hungry, to say the least. That was the most annoying part for me. I literally had to make sure I was always eating. If I waited too late, I would feel awful. I didn’t expect to ever feel like this. So, this part was so strange for me. You realize that someone actually needs you. This baby is depending on you from the time you conceive to help nurture him.

Insecurities had your girl looking like Angela Basset, from waiting to exhale. My thoughts, especially when I was by myself, wow! Thinking about it now has me shaking my head. Now don’t get me wrong it wasn’t all insecurities. Sometimes I was right for being an investigator. I wasn’t happy with some of the changes my body was making at times. I didn’t think my kid’s father would still be attracted to me. My mind did travel miles a minute. Fellas, we are like bombs during pregnancy. Refrain igniting us. Thanks!!

The sweet revenge I experienced when my kid’s father was throwing up my whole pregnancy. It was weird, I’ve never had Morning sickness. He was going through all the symptoms I didn’t want. I felt so good, he was actually getting a taste of his own medicine.


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