Great Tips To Make Breastfeeding Less Stressful

I was definitely one of the moms who wanted to give up the first time I tried breastfeeding my firstborn. He absolutely would not latch on to my breast for anything… I wish the first time around I knew what I know now after exclusively breastfeeding 3 children up until the age of two… So I’d like to share some neat tips to help you continue the awesome journey of breastfeeding. At the beginning it’s a struggle,Once you get the hang of it you will do great, I Promise You That!!!

After giving birth you just want to keep your baby close to build that connection. Get to know each other because that is so essential for your scent to be known to the baby. At the hospital,they educate you on skin to skin which is awesome. That is the beginning of successful breastfeeding adventure. Don’t ever take that for granted any chance during your hospital stay.

1.In order to produce milk,you need to make sure you’re eating enough food. And drinking plenty of liquids to make an efficient amount of milk for your little one to eat. Sometimes it can be difficult in the beginning to keep up with meals, especially when your busy taking care of other people. Even a fruit or a snack will do the trick or even small portions of food is a great start, Mama.

2.Sleep, make sure when baby naps your running to the pillow for a shut-eye. I don’t care if it’s only a half an hour, get your sleep in when you are able too. An over exhausted mommy can’t stay up long enough to enjoy the breastfeeding experience with baby. There will be cries for hunger constantly so you have to be ready to supply babies demand at any time. Relax, put your feet up and comfortably hold your little angel back to dreamland.

3.A breast pump will make your life so much better. Please make sure you have one if you’re going to breastfeed. The convenience of creating a session for releasing your milk is incredible. This creates flexibility for you to give your breast a break and freeze, milk for a later date.There will be times where you need to leave the baby to handle business. Having your stored milk will relieve the stress of taking the baby with you or wondering if they are being fed during a quick run to the store. Don’t forget the breastfeeding storage bags, they will save your life. I fell in love with the spectra pump, which is also a night light.

4.Breast pads are a game changer for a leaky breast. Believe it or not when a baby is hungry you breast leak like a faucet. That can be really embarrassing if you have a milk spot as display out in public. I know, I was that girl when I didn’t know better. I constantly make sure I have a stock of breast pads waiting for daily use. If it leaks it drains right on your pad. You won’t even be able to feel the leakage because it absorbed within the pad. A great company I would suggest is Lanisoh pads.

5.Now let’s talk about nursing bras, I didn’t know they existed until the first pregnancy. A must have under your clothes. Wearing a regular bra and trying to breastfeeding is down right a task. You’ll realize that if you ever have to try it out. When you have your nursing bra on your basically just releasing two straps down and you’re ready to feed the baby. Yes, that’s it, all you have to do to make baby happy. Don’t deprive yourself of a nursing bra you definitely need this, especially if you’re exclusively breastfeeding.

6.The greatest gift someone gave to me was a boppy classic pillow. Instant success in my house for my kids. I used the same pillow for 4 kids and it’s held up. That speaks volumes to me I shall say to anyone. It’s also pretty comfortable for baby too. Saved me plenty of nights so I didn’t have to use standard pillows to elevate my babies head. It doesn’t have to be used just as a newborn but afterward as they grow it can still be utilized. I enjoy every minute of my boppy pillow. This pillow has lasted through 4 kids, during a 7 year period. You would love it!

7.Ever have raw nips because the baby may be latching on too long or frequently sometimes. I’ve enjoyed using lanisoh cream to relieve any pain you’re experiencing during your sessions. It’s also safe for baby to latch on while you applied it to your breast. Also, a product that gave me plenty of relief when times were rough. I don’t think I would have lasted if I didn’t have that as a source to help me. Mamas make sure you have this ready in your cabinet to help you out when needed.

8.Oh my, how can I forget some sort of colic free bottles. There is a big difference because the regular bottle doesn’t help reduce gas bottles in babies tummy. If you buy one that relieves the air bubbles that create gas for your baby. That is a way for smoother feeding sessions, once the baby has to be burped. Trust me, colic is not fun at all. So please try and avoid that experience by simply using a colic-free bottle. I myself used tommie, Avent and Dr. Brown Bottles.

I hope this information was able to help someone interested in breastfeeding, but not sure where the heck to start. Happy Breastfeeding Mamas!!!

15 Replies to “Great Tips To Make Breastfeeding Less Stressful”

  1. I tried to exclusively breastfeed all of my kids but unfortunately my milk would always slow down at two months. I even pumped and bottle fed because one of my babies didn’t latch at all. I am just glad I was able to do it for as long as I did.

  2. Breastfeeding was a nightmare the first time! I struggled for weeks… cried, whined and just plain hated it. Honestly, even once I got the hang of it (and after a few more children) it’s my least favorite part of having a new baby. But I made it, praise God! I know with my kids health issues that breast was best, but no way easy. Thank you for putting these tips together because they are needed.

  3. Great tips!!! It’s so good to have a fabulous reference list all in one place when you’re starting out breastfeeding because you’re all sleep-deprived and recovering from the delivery! Thanks for putting this together! Also, I found that a hands-free bra for pumping was super helpful when I did have to pump. 🙂

  4. This is awesome, I didn’t have any luck breastfeeding my three. I tired a lot of things from pumping to drinking the lactation tea. Great advice for new mothers and for pregnant again moms! I remember wearing the pads because I would leak a little bit!

  5. Great tips! This is super helpful. Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!


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