Dear Heartbroken Mama

Definitely, understand the empty pit in your stomach some mornings.
The tears that run down your cheeks at night.
Your heart aches for what seemed to be perfect before that beautiful belly started to grow.
The questions why consumes your every move
I hear your fears of losing that someone who became your entire world.
You’re unsure of how to assemble these broken pieces back together.
Confused and ashamed to let all your feelings show because of what people will think of you.
Definitely doubting this man that stands in your presence with such sad excuses.
I do understand.
Doesn’t comprehend everything he sacrificing
He is selfishly in love with the excitement of this moment.
Your stuck living in future plans that bonded you both as one.
Beautiful, Something I wish I heard during tough times during my pregnancy.
Mourning to be his center of attention.
When his eyes and soul have been lurking.
This forbidden topic no one likes to address.
Every woman nurturing should use this as building blocks to set your soul free
You are more than these insecurities
This situation is absolutely not your fault at all.
So please don’t wreck your brain
Trying to understand this situation
Cheating is simply a choice
Don’t let yourself be a player in this chess game.
Take you strength back, Mama

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