Welcome, I’m glad your here.
My name is Davianna,
I’m a writer by nature, inspired photographer, Introvert, and a deep thinker. I love all things creative. My mission is to create a strong community of woman in pursuit of a purposeful life.
Granted I’ve only been a mom for 7 years. I haven’t mastered everything in this manual called Motherhood. I would love to share things that I’ve learned during my journey. You can definitely find me searching the internet reading other mom blogs while sipping some tea.

What  is mompursuit?
Well, mompursuit was created to release some creative energy I’ve built up beyond the years. While juggling raising 4 children under 8 and trying to find who I was beside’s “mom”. I wanted to have a voice for other, stay at home mom’s who are conflicted with being a mommy and keeping everything that comes in life together. Everything surrounding mom is a great puzzle and I never understood it until I endured a couple stumbling blocks. This will be a blog touching on topics like motherhood, relationships, coparenting, autism chronicles and creative corner and more. So, grab your favorite drink and snack and let’s chat a bit.