7 Tips To Surviving 4 Kids Under The Age Of 8


Wow, I can remember my first year of pregnancy. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like as a mother. All I knew was I wanted to do everything right. I purchased many books for guidance. I joined plenty of groups to interact with mamas like myself. I always wished someone could just give me all the answers to motherhood. Unfortunately, it’s all a learning process from the pregnancy down to raising your children.

  1. I’m so glad I can share somethings I’ve learned along the way. To the mamas with multiple children within a couple year span. I tip my hat off to you because you have it going on! Now here are 7 tips to help you juggle all four kids, flawlessly. It  is important to find a schedule that fits your families lifestyle. When I didn’t follow a specific timing for daily things. My life was full of chaos because my kids running things on their own time. You definitely need an adequate amount of time to relax. The best time for that is once their sleep and ready for bed. Stop what you’re doing right now and if you don’t have a schedule to follow create one right now… I promise your life will be so much easier.

2.  Giving quality time to each child can be a bit of a daunting task. When all the kids are in completely different stages in their life… So how in the heck you balance that? I know girl, Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. All of my children have certain activities they enjoy. When my youngest which is 8 months old falls asleep, I find time to do a couple of educational activities with them or things that they love to do. Whether it’s playing Barbie dolls to driving cars… Get on their level and just have fun. They will enjoy seeing mommy on the floor letting loose. You can snap some great pictures while you’re at it!!!

3.  Fun snacks will have them busy so that you can get some chores done. Some, for example, are fruits, crackers, chips. Anything that will keep your kids busy stuffing their little faces. I find when they are eating I get a sense of productivity time. Eating at the table, no television helps them concentrate on their food versus in front of the television in the living room.

4. The family is everything, so it’s important to celebrate time together as one unit. I enjoy doing fun arts and crafts with my children. Or having honest conversations regarding whatever on there mind at that time. We all have one goal in common and that’s to love each other. I want them to grow up and always remember siblings come first. I say this to say make sure you be a strong bond between your children. When they know how to enjoy each other company it makes your life so much easier.

5. Help, I know we wear all the hats and don’t want to ask anyone for help. That’s what we have older children for, right! Put the older ones to work by giving them a task to do while you’re taking care of the smaller kids. Anything can help relieve some stress off your hands. I make my older kids who are five and seven at the moment. Clean up after themselves, Pass me diapers and wipes when needed. It doesn’t matter let them feel proud to be helping mommy.

6. Organizing is a big factor when dealing with multiple kids. They all have different needs that you have to keep up with at all times. The way technology is today, we can utilize notes and create a to-do list. I love the app called Evernote. Or even notes on my iPhone, I record everything in there. It’s so convenient to keep track of all kids. Start keeping track of everything, mental notes are cool. Seriously, I know you can remember it all. While changing a million diapers and running after a toddler. It’s not impossible but things happen, so get organized!

7. Rest! As moms, we always believe we’re superwoman. When the kids are sleeping we need to get other things done. Yes, multitasking is great, but you need to close your eyes too. Preparing for the next day to do this all over again. Make sure when your body calls you to lay down. Take time to relax and feel refreshed in the morning. Your no use to your children if you don’t catch up on your sleep.

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