Hello Moms in Pursuit,

Welcome to space on the web where you can be most vulnerable and reflect on real life topics. I created this blog for moms alike to come together and embrace their imperfections within their mothering journey. I implemented my personal touch by sharing real experiences to help someone who might be going through rough times but too scared to express themselves. Here you will learn your pursuit of purpose. Acknowledge what’s been rocking your soul from becoming your best self. I will be sharing any wealth of information to give you a support in creating some sort of creative business for yourself from home.

I am a mother of 4 so I know the importance of flexibility. My mission is for Mompursuit to be a safe haven for Girl-Talk. I always want each and every Queen reading this to feel encouraged and unstoppable. Your weaknesses do not determine your future.
You were strong enough for childbirth, kick life stumbling blocks to the side. Politely! You got this!!